Tesla Motors Inc Hires Google Inc Cyber Security Expert

Tesla Motors Inc Hires Google Inc Cyber Security Expert
Tesla believes that this move to hire Google security expert will combat recent manipulations and hacks of its Model S

Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has recently hired a former Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) cyber-security expert to battle the recent hack of its Model S. There is a growing hacker threat faced by EVs and motor vehicles, remotely hacking cars. Although details are still unknown but the Ex-Google security expert, Chris Evans will join Tesla as head of security. Mr. Evans tweeted, “I'm very excited to soon be joining @TeslaMotors to lead security.”

This move was deemed to be inevitable, as presently, majority cars relay on technology. Tesla itself is considered to revolutionize tech updates to its EV, such as it’s over the air software updates. Truly considered to be first in the industry, Tesla owners of previous models are able to update new features on their Model S, adding value to an old model.

Mr. Evans joined Google in May 2009 as a head of Chrome Security, will takeover Project Zero. The team headed by Mr. Evans was responsible for tracking down and neutralizing the most sneaky security flaws in software. Commonly known as “bugs,” this gives hackers, a great opportunity to manipulate software.

Notable hackers, Lookout CTO Kevin Mahaffey, and Cloudflare principle security researcher Marc Rogers announced yesterday that they will disclose at least six different ways of hacking the Model S and manipulating its speedometer and 17-inch touch screen display completely.

The company is currently trading 1.70% down at $241.94 as of 3:16 PM EDT. The slum in share prices is believed to be due to monotonous third-quarter deliveries estimate.

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