Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Rolls Out 500th Supercharger In Less Than Three Years

Tesla Motors installs its number 500 Supercharger in Germany making itself a benchmark for rivals

Less than three years ago, Supercharger was a rare sight to see; but today Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has 500 Superchargers, operational around the globe. According to Tesla Motors Clubs, the electric vehicle (EV) installed its 500th Supercharger yesterday in Moers, Germany. Coincidentally, the same day, Tesla’s premium performance all-wheel drive “Model S P85D,” broke Consumer Reports’ rating system, gaining 103 out of 100 points.

Tesla stock closed the trading session 8.07% up at $242.99 on Thursday, after these reports spread the market.

Tesla has vowed its customers to recharge their vehicles free for good. Moreover, the EV company’s charging stations provide faster and reliable charging facility compared with any other charging station around the globe. Soon Tesla vehicles will be automatically recharged by the company’s latest invention, “Snakebot Autocharger.” Although, it has specifically communicated that Superchargers are aimed to be used for long-distance travels, they are used by consumers regularly.According to Tesla’s website, more than 210 Superchargers have been installed in the US, representing over 42% of its global network. The company is gradually expanding its Supercharger networks in several countries, such as UK, Spain, KoreaJapan, Italy, China, and Australia. The EV giant is accelerating its Supercharger launches, as it installs one Supercharger per day on average around the world, according to Bidnessetc.com.

Successfully installing 500 Superchargers within three years is a milestone for the fledging automobile company. Surprisingly, many automakers are planning to develop an EV, but none has even considered undertaking similar project, or intended to partner with Tesla on Supercharger stations.

The Supercharger stations are essential to maintain increasing demand for electric cars. It will initiate delivering its first sports utility vehicle (SUV), Model X, by the end of September, which implies more Tesla vehicles will be on roads. Therefore, more Supercharger stations will be required to quench their charging needs.

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