DARPA´s Next Generation Of Super Zombie Soldiers

DARPA, an agency under the US department of defense, has started a heavily funded project that aims to enhance human ability in war zones, by altering the genetic code (recipe) of their soldiers. They hope to achieve supremacy by making soldiers that are stronger, smarter, more focused and lack empathy.

The credit goes to a relatively new scientific field called genetic engineering. It’s where scientists experiment with the “cook book” that contains the recipe that makes you, and all life around you. All life forms have their own recipe, and just like food, there are a finite number of ingredients to choose from. Combination of different ingredients in different proportions makes different life forms. Genetic engineers are practically capable of making glow in the dark babies, by simply adding certain genetic codes of jellyfish into the human genetic code.Research suggests that the DARPA super soldiers might one day be able to grow a new limb, if they lose it in combat (tried and tested on mice). The part of brain that is responsible for empathy can be turned off by Gene therapy, making the soldiers oblivious to fear, fatigue and emotions. What makes this thought even more terrifying is the “Human Assisted Neural Devices program” which focuses on controlling the brain. The result is the next generation of biological war “machines”, which could be controlled by a sophisticated “joystick.”

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